All CLAIRE’S partners are of the highest professional standard. Certain stages of any real estate project require specialized competencies; CLAIRE has built up a particularly efficient team over the years who are capable of stepping in when needed to ensure a smooth transaction.

1/Commercial real estate legal advisor

Gilles Hittinger Roux is the director of HB & Associés, a Group of legal advisors who currently assist the most prestigious national and international brands present in France. Over the last few years the company has significantly increased its commercial real estate activities and has become a reference in this specialized legal area. HB & Associés draws its excellent reputation from their specific action with regard to the defence of tenants with commercial leases, but their expertise stretches across the entire spectrum of legal issues in business property :



    - Transactions
    - Shared ownership and joint tenancy
    - Ownership, legal servitude, compulsory purchase

    - Construction and urban planning
    - Calls for tender in the public sector
    - Responsibility and insurance

2/ Commercial property experts

Le Cabinet MICHEL MARX Expertises :

Michel Marx Expertise is a group of specialists in commercial real estate, in particular:

  • Defining the exact surface area, estimating the going rate for rental, defining the precise value of commercial leases
  • Eviction, expropriation, problems linked to full use of property, loss of business, depreciation
  • Promotion of assets :
    - intangible assets: leases, business assets
    - tangible assets: fair market value, breakdown of price between land and construction, building lease or credit lease

3/ Market surveys

RMD specializes in surveys on retail and commercial urban planning.

  • Market survey prior to implanting a sales outlet

    - Potential catchment area
    - Socio-economic study
    - Evaluation of theoretical markets
    - Competition
    - Expansion prospects of a site
  • Sales outlet diagnostics

    - Geo-marketing studies
    - Client opinion polls: image and client awareness of outlet, buying habits, client expectations
    - Defining strategy
  • Dossier to French authorities for commerce

    - Compiling regulatory dossier for any type of commerce including food, household goods, DIY/gardening, clothing, culture/leisure, combination shops and shopping areas.
    - Submission of dossier to "Commission Départementale d'Aménagement Commercial" – the local French authority in charge of commerce – for newly-created outlets requiring authorisation ; extension of existing sales areas requiring authorisation, building of sales space exceeding 1000m².

4 / Audit of suppliers

PRG-Schultz France, the French subsidiary of PRG-Schultz International, has been carrying out audits of suppliers for the main super- and hypermarket groups, specialist brands and large industrial and service companies in France since 1992.
As well as verifying that the specific laws on financial security are being adhered to, the company has also put in place a series of specific tools to check supplier chains: efficient IT systems (ERP, etc.), control procedures, internal teams of auditors, etc.

Despite the meticulous attention paid to the various aspects of the supply chain, it remains true that between 0.5 and 2‰ of the total amount of sales transactions are potentially lost.

PRG-Schultz's expertise means they are capable of identifying and sourcing anomalies in rental and property overheads. They then develop and put into place procedures which avoid such problems in the future.

This system is particularly effective from a financial point of view as the fees due to PRG-Schultz are calculated solely on the amounts retrieved, the remaining funds are returned directly to the client generating unexpected income.

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