Where are the most appropriate properties for your activity? How do you pinpoint those which will provide the best turnover of clients, or be the most prestigious or generate the most profit ?

CLAIRE can help you identify the very best real estate opportunities by : 

  • Finding the outlets which correspond to your precise brand specifications.
  • Studying all the sales outlet programmes in France and comparing these to your needs in terms of :
    - new shopping centres
    - the upgrading or renovation of shopping centres
    - new retail parks
    - the upgrading or renovation of retail parks
    - overhauls in town centres
  • Presentation of earmarked projects to decision-takers: site, potential customer catchment area, presentation of the real estate project, accessibility, financial aspects, competition, potential cannibalisation effect, main legal issues with regard to the lease, provisional business plan, annexes and conclusion.
  • Carrying out the commercial and legal negotiations connected to the lease for the project which has been selected. Should the lease or the business need to be bought out, negotiating this is part of the service which only stops when the client has the keys to the property.

+ Claire
Get yourself a global view of the outlet market with Claire's expertise.