The Body Shop

The Body Shop
Inspired by our natural environment, The Body Shop® produces and distributes fair-trade cosmetic products.
We select top quality ingredients because our skin deserves the very best nature can offer. These ingredients make our products even more effective and enhance the sensation of well-being.

The Body Shop ® offers innovative and effective products inspired by nature. Each ingredient is chosen for its positive effect on our skin. Our skincare products are formulated using natural alternatives whenever possible and are clinically tested.

80% of our products contain at least one ingredient from our fair-trade programme. Shea butter, cocoa and aloe vera, for example, come from all corners of the world and our fair-trade system with these far-flung communities means we obtain high quality products whilst providing a stable, lasting revenue for the farmers.

Because our ranges are based on natural products, they are an invitation to take our senses on an exotic voyage every time we use them. Perfumes such as orange flower, lotus flower and Tahiti vanilla enhance the various textures of our body lotions, bath milks and whipped creams to stimulate the senses and give us even more pleasure.

The Body Shop ® was founded on five major principles :
  1. fair-trade
  2. wildlife protection
  3. no animal testing
  4. defending human rights
  5. encouraging self-esteem

Thanks to these principles and its products, The Body Shop ® is unique on its market.

Claire's mission for The Body Shop :

Claire Matha assists the group's management team in defining their expansion policy and in identifying potential outlets in France.

Key figures for The Body Shop :

  • 2,600 boutiques in 65 countries, 2,000 other outlets and 100 sales points in airports worldwide ;
  • over €1 billion turnover in 2010 ;

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